XRTS® Protocol

Familiar tools. Unique process.

The Hand Strength Assessment

  • The XRTS Hand Strength Assessment uses the same gauges that clinicians have always used to assess hand strength. Even the directions given to the client prior to the evaluation are substantially the same. The only mechanical differences occur during the administration of the simultaneous bilateral trials.
  • The protocol is a randomized series of 66 trials of unilateral and simultaneous bilateral grip and pinch strength measurements.
  • The results are applied to 7 statistically developed criterion to assure the accuracy of the results.


Research published in the Journal of Hand Therapy has proven the XRTS Hand Strength Assessment to be:







The Material Handling Assessment

  • The XRTS Material Handling assessment uses a repeated measures protocol during the lifting assessment to maximize the objectivity of conclusions regarding validity of effort and maximum lifting capacities. This facilitates fair and legally defensible conclusions regarding functional capacity, moving each case forward in the return to work process.
  • The mechanics of using the XRTS Lever Arm are identical to the mechanics of lifting a crate or box of weights. Therefore, the directions given the patient prior to the Lever Arm testing are identical to those given during box and crate lifts. The differences between the XRTS methodology and standard testing practices occur in the selection of the workloads for the Lever Arm and the mechanical process of selecting and changing workloads on the testing device.