Clarify and Verify

Our goal to bring a higher level of objectivity to minimize contentious litigation on compensatory claims. At Bardavon®, we are committed to evolving the industry from the way it is to the way it should be.

The Cross-Reference Testing System® (XRTS®)

XRTS was developed to give the market a new option to approaching the issue of assessing validity of effort.

Legally Defensible

An objective and robust assessment of validity of effort must be employed to ensure the conclusions are legally defensible.


The subjective opinion of the testing clinician is removed. Decisions are scientifically backed with physics and facts.

Cost Effective

The XRTS system is more cost effective. Why? The information helps providers and referral sources close claims – Period.

The XRTS Tenets

There are three primary and substantial differences between standard testing methods and XRTS validity of effort testing.

Repeated Measures

Both the XRTS Hand Strength Assessment and the XRTS Lever Arm Assessment use repeated measures to classify validity of effort.

Statistical Analysis

A statistically based analysis of the variation within and between the repeated measures is applied to the physical performance data the same way for each test.


Both the protocols and the observations made during the FCE incorporate the concept of “distraction-based testing” to maximize the accuracy of the classification of effort.

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